Sponsored Students

Student with Book and Backpack
Sponsored Students
I am sponsored to go to school. What are my next steps?
Have your sponsor complete and sign the third party Sponsorship Form. Once completed and signed, your sponsor must send the form to both NAIT student services through their contact form (for the tuition and fees portion), as well as shop@nait.ca (for the books and supplies portion)
What am I allowed to purchase?
Your sponsor will indicate what you are allowed to purchase, as well as the defined maximum amount you are allowed to spend per sponsored term on your Sponsorship Form. Your sponsor will likely ask you for a list of all required items for your courses which can be found on your personalized booklist on your myNAIT portal or through Books & Supplies Search. If an item does not qualify through your sponsorship, you will need to purchase it separately or have your sponsor edit the sponsorship form to indicate that change.
How can I confirm details about my sponsorship account and that my account is set up properly before I come into shop AT NAIT?
Please email shop@nait.ca or phone 780-491-3101
How long does it take for my sponsorship to be set up?
The time varies based on the length of time that it takes for your sponsor to complete your paperwork. Once shop AT NAIT recieves your paperwork, your account will be set up in less than one day.
Why do I have no money available on my sponsorship account?
This usually means that your sponsor has set a certain start date for purchasing items. It could also mean that your sponsor has not completed or sent in your paperwork properly. You can confirm this information with your sponsor.
I am from outside Edmonton and can’t come into shop AT NAIT, what do I do?
Once your sponsorship account has been set up, send an email to mailorders@nait.ca with a picture of your NAIT student ID, photo ID, and a exact list of all the items you are looking to purchase through your sponsorship. Sponsorships cannot be processed directly through our web store.