Program Apparel

NAIT Student Wearing Program Campus Hoodie

shop AT NAIT knows you're a proud NAIT student! So, this year we are offering a Champion hoodie that will have your program name at a fantastic price. The hoodie is $64.95 + GST, personalization costs extra (see more about personalization below). Program Apparel item are a Final Sale.

Note: deadline for submitting your program apparel order is April 3, 2023 and the last day to come pay for your hoodie will be April 14, 2023.

How do I place an order?

  • Gather at least 11 of your classmates (as the minimum order quantity is 12) and find someone who's willing to be the key contact for the order.
  • Download the sign up sheet for Champion hoodies.
  • Complete the order sheet including names of people ordering along with their student ID number, phone number and size. Sample sizes will be available to try on at the shop AT NAIT (main campus) Customer Service desk.
  • Have the key contact send the order sheet by email to or the completed order form can be dropped off at Customer Service desk . Each person can come to shop AT NAIT (main campus) location and pay individually or by calling 780 491 3104, and paying through a secure line via credit card. Please be aware shop AT NAIT no longer accepts cash. These payments have to be made within 7 days of form submission.
  • Orders will be processed once payment for all hoodies in your group is received by shop AT NAIT.
  • Any orders that are required to be shipped will have an additional charge added. All orders are shipped through Canada Post.

How long will it take for me to get my hoodie once everyone has paid?

Hoodies will be received in approximately four to five weeks. shop AT NAIT will notify the key contact of any unforeseen delays in manufacturing or delivery. The key contact will be responsible for picking up all hoodies once the order arrives and distributing them to their classmates.

How can I make sure I order the right size?

If you're unsure of what size to order, please feel free to come down to shop AT NAIT (main campus) to try on sample sizes. Also you can follow the sizing chart.

What can we have printed on the hoodies?

The hoodie already has NAIT across the chest and is ready to have you program's official name embroidered (under NAIT)!

Why do you only have one style/color?

We offer one consistent color and style per year. That way, if you're looking for a program hoodie in consecutive years, each one will have a slightly unique look!

Can I personalize my hoodie?

Yes, hoodies can ONLY be personalized by adding your first or last name on the back. The cost is $10 for the first 10 letters and $0.90 per letter after.

Will you be looking to add other pieces of clothing to this program in the future?

Yes, if that is what students want! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where new additions will be announced.

Can I return the hoodie if I change my mind?

Program Apparel items are a final sale.