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All department Giftware will now be ordered through shop AT NAIT.
Over the years, shop AT NAIT has developed solid commercial relationships with the main distributors of promotional items and is able to source any product your department may require. We currently have a wide variety of NAIT branded items in stock, available for internal clients at special prices. Working with shop AT NAIT will save you time and help to streamline NAIT’s resources. It will also improve the product quality and variety of the Giftware used on campus and reduce the risk of exposure when using outside vendors.

When you buy through shop AT NAIT, the resources stay on campus and will help support our institution and our students. But this is not the only advantage, you will enjoy as well:

  • Competitive pricing. We help to source the best quality items at the most affordable prices.
  • Convenience many items are in stock right now and able to be delivered immediately.
  • We make sure all giftware and promotional items meet NAIT’s visual guidelines. We ONLY use vendors that are able to meet branding standards.
  • We can do personalization per each department or work with Marketing to create custom logos
  • Departments do not need to pay for shipping charges, and you save on GST.

Need assistance?

Please contact> to inquire about specialty pricing, as well as any other questions you may have.

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