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What is a 'supply kit' and why do I need it?
Kits are course required supplies, selected by your instructor, to successfully complete your course. It is highly recommended that students purchase the kits provided by shop AT NAIT, as they meet the specific class requirements. shop AT NAIT takes the headache out of buying each of the individual parts and combines them into a convenient kit.
My resources say that they're 'digitally integrated'. What does that mean?
This means your electronic resource will be available to you in a digital bookshelf, on your first day of class through Moodle. You will have a free trial period to test drive this digital version. Your instructor will provide additional details about these resources on the first day of class. shop AT NAIT can provide options for print if preferred.
What is an 'etext' and how do I access it?
An etext is a digital copy of your course resource. Etexts may also be linked to supplemental course material that your instructor has selected. Etext access instructions are provided for you at the time of purchase and include troubleshooting guides in the event that you have difficulty accessing it. We can only support etexts purchased through shop AT NAIT.
What is an 'access code'?
An access code is a unique code you use to access course content online. The content depends on the course, which might include: an e-book, practice exam questions, interactive videos, or course assignments. Examples of access codes are Connect, MyLab, Revel, MindTap, and NelsonBrain. shop AT NAIT does not sell access codes separately.
My etext requires a 'classroom code'. What does this mean?
This is a unique class password, set up by your instructor, that will be provided to you on the first day of class.