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How can I obtain an ETS (Edmonton Transit System) Pass?
The U-Pass is a group discount program that lowers the cost of transit for NAIT Students. The U-Pass is now digital – no more stickers. You can read more information on NAITSA’s website.

shop AT NAIT has youth passes available for $72.50 for students or individuals 24 or younger, adult bus passes are also available for those who wish to purchase them. We also sell books of ETS transit tickets for your convenience. Transactions must be made in-store and require proof of identification and/or NAIT enrollment.
The 'Frequently Asked Questions' don't provide an answer to my question. How do I reach the shop AT NAIT team?
During semester starts, all shop AT NAIT locations are actively serving customers. You can reach out to us in these various ways:
How can I provide feedback regarding the service I've received through shop AT NAIT?
We have an online survey tool and would appreciate if you could take the time to complete it at