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Books & Supplies List
How do I find the required books and supplies for my classes?
Each student can easily access a personalized books & supplies list based on the classes that they are enrolled in. To do so, login to MyNAIT Student Portal and then choose the "Buy books & supplies" link.

You will then be taken to you personalized books & supplies list. This list can be used to find your resources in store or purchase directly from our online store.

As the 'I want to...' section is constantly updated throughout the year, the 'Buy books & supplies' choice will sometimes not be available. If you need to see your books & supplies, click our Books & Supplies Search and manually select the courses you are enrolled in to generate your list.

In our main campus store, books are sorted alphabetically by title. The Books & Supplies Search will generally include the store location (aisle) that the item can be found in and will also indicate if the item is currently in stock.
The Books & Supplies Search lists both an etext and a print version for the same resource. Do I need to buy both?
In some instances this may happen. Rest assured that you will only need to buy either the digital version or the print resource - not both.
Do you have used books?
If used books are available, they are shelved in the same location as the new books and will have a yellow "USED" tag on the spine. We aim to have a large number of used books available for resale to students. However, due to COVID-19, book buyback programs were put on hold in 2020, so the quantity of some USED books will be lower than usual.