Order Compartment Pick-Up

How do I choose parcel compartment pick up?

When you are checking out after creating an online order at shop.nait.ca, you will have the option to select “Order Compartment Pick-Up". The location of our parcel compartments is on the 2nd floor overpass between the HP Centre and the Feltham Centre (CAT)

When will my parcel compartment order be ready to pick up?

Your order will be ready for pick up after 4 pm the next business day. You will receive your code and compartment ID once your order is ready.

Where do I pick up?

NAIT campus map order compartment location located on second floor of HP Center in overpass to Feltham Centre

How do I access my order in the compartment?

Follow prompts on digital screen near compartments. System will ask you for your compartment ID and code. You will receive these numbers through email and/or text. If you enter the compartment ID and code correctly, the compartment will pop open and you will receive ONE-TIME access to grab your order.

How many times can I access my locker?

You can access your locker ONE-TIME. Once you have opened and closed the compartment, you cannot re-open it with the same code.

What happens if I get locked out of my compartment?

Call the phone number listed on the screen near the compartments. You will be put in touch with a customer support representative who will be able to assist you. Please have your order #, phone number and email ready when calling. A shop AT NAIT attendant can assist you remotely between 8 AM – 8 PM Monday to Friday, if necessary, but please call the customer support first. After this time frame, it will be next business day service.

What happens if I forgot my code?

We can re-send your code to you during shop AT NAIT business hours, if you have not accessed your compartment. If you have already accessed your compartment, refer to ‘locking yourself out’ for details.

What happens if my code does not work?

Contact 24/7 customer support representative - number will be on the parcel compartment digital screen

What if some of my items are damaged or missing?

Shop AT NAIT staff are diligent when both processing and transporting your order to the parcel compartment. Double sign off by two staff members will be needed when dropping off items into the compartment. If you still have issues, please bring your order to shop AT NAIT during our business hours.

What happens if I do not pick up my order within 3 business days?

Your order is returned to the main campus shop AT NAIT bookstore. If you do not pick up your order within 90 days, your order will be cancelled and refunded.